Saturday, February 14, 2009

Days 32-45

I'm behind again! So here's the last 2 weeks! lol

DAY 45

This is smy Valentine's care package I sent to Aaron today! I hate the holiday but I figured that I should still send him stuff. I sent cookies along with a bunch of candy.

DAY 44

This is all the stuff I got from my students at our Valentine's Party.

DAY 43

I got my Secret sister present today!! It's a flameless candle! And it's lavendar scented! I LOVE it!!

DAY 42

This is a note I took away from a student today. It's from a third grader to an 8th grade boy. It said "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I Like You, Will you marry me? Find me at recess." I was cracking up!! But at the same time I was mad she was going this in class.

DAY 41

These are my paracord bracelets that I got! they're so big on me though!

DAY 40

So these are the contents of my purse....I took this for a thread on MIG.

DAY 39

So I saw this in the wee hours of the morning coming home from my friend's house. You can't see the back but you can see the front seat filled with newspapers...but the back seat was too as well as the trunk! I thought it was cool..haha

DAY 38

I cleaned off my dresser today! Finally! It's clean! yay!

DAY 37

I'd been craving hot dogs for a long I buoght them!! YUM!!

DAY 36

I bought this onesie for my nephew and think it's SO cute!!

DAY 35

So this is the thermometer in my house! It's not as cold as it has been before but still kinda chilly!

DAY 34

I went to the mall this night with my friend and we went to The Children's Place and I found these sister had been looking for socks for my nephew so I took this picture to send to her to show her the color options!

DAY 33

So I found this at Walmart for dinner and I LOVED it!

DAY 32

I spent the day in bed, hence my picture.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Days 24-31

Guess who's been slacking on posting her pics?!? ME!! And I'm still taking them every day but I just don't post them every day...maybe I should start doing that.'s a weeks worth of pictures...

DAY 31

So the other day I was talking with some of the MIG ladies about the rings that Aaron made me....and I found them today! One is just a paperclip that he fashioned into a ring while we were sitting at his recruiters office one day. He was messin around and he put it on my finger and proposed..haha. The other one is copper wiring and a seashell (which you can't see). He made it for me and gave it to me. I wore both for the longest time. The key is actually the key to the lock on his old bike. But he gave it to me one day and asked me to wear it with his dog tags and said it was the key to his heart. :)

DAY 30

This is one thing I ordered in the mail for my Secret Sister. It's a gift card for the movies.

DAY 29

This is from my workout. I haven't been working out as much as I should be but I'm getting back into the swing of things now!

DAY 28

I was SO overdue on doing laundry...I could barely find clothes to wear this week! So I finally did laundry and there is it!

DAY 27

These are the two care packages I sent Aaron. The first one I was actually supposed to send on Saturday but instead, I talked to Aaron online for 3 hours and couldn't get to the PO to mail it! So I mailed it today...and it's just a bunch of snacks.

The second one was his DVD's and some Superbowl snacks. I sent peanuts, chips and salsa (hopefully it stayed in one piece!!), junior mints, and Thai Beef Jerky.

DAY 26

Aaron has been WAITING for his DVD's. He left them at his grandma's house cuz he couldn't take them all to Iraq with him. So he asked me to have them sent to me so I could put all the discs in a case and send them to him over there. He's been asking since November probably and I've been reminding my mom (who had picked them up from his grandma cuz she's sick and can't do much) to send them...and she finally sent them! So I got them today! Yay!!

DAY 25

These were my birthday presents from my parents. They actually gave them to me at Christmas when we were all in Nebraska for Christmas Break. But I was instructed to NOT open them until my I didn't! These last 2 seasons complete my Gilmore Girls collection!

DAY 24

My friends/coworkers took me out to Superior Grill for my birthday. And they also brought this cookie cake! I didn't get a picture before we ate it so this is what we had left of the cake.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Days 20-23

So I'm so far behind on posting my pictures...but once again, I HAVE at least been taking them every here's the last 4 days.

DAY 23
This is actually just a picture of my computer screen...BUT it's my messages on Myspace from Aaron and my IM from Aaron today! THE BEST DAY in a while...since I hadn't talked to him in 8 days! I know that's not really that long but I was getting antsy and he finally talked to me today...and was very sweet and EVEN remembered that my birthday is coming up...what a GREAT DAY! woo hoo!!

DAY 22

So I had a meeting at school this night and they fed us dinner....and they had these mini creampuffs and I LOVE those things! There SO not on my diet....haha

DAY 21

I woke up this morning to FROST on my weird to me for New Orleans!

DAY 20

This was my dinner one night. It was organic greens with chicken, walnuts, and vidalia onion vinaigrette dressing...yummy!

Monday, January 19, 2009


DAY 19

I went and saw Hotel For Dogs today. Well, when I was leaving this car was parked next to me and I looked and it had a club!! I haven't seen one of these in years!!!! So I HAD to take a picture of it cuz I was laughing!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Car repairs and Bride Wars

DAY 18

Saw Bride Wars tonight with 2 of my friends! It was very cute and funny! I liked it!

DAY 17

Spent 3 hours at Saturn on Saturday morning trying to get my oil changed...and I HAD an appointment...made it last Saturday but they didn't have it in their system...hence I had to wait for 3 hours...that sucked. but oh well...over it

Friday, January 16, 2009

Phone calls and Hairdryers

DAY 16
So I went to blowdry my hair this morning and my blow dryer was blowing out only cold air!!! It was like 30 degrees outside so I did NOT want to go outside with a wet's extremely hard to get your hair very dry with cold I had to buy a new one...and this is it!
DAY 15
Ok so I admit that this one I did not actually take on the right day...but in my defense....the picture shows the reason that I didn't take my picture...I was just TOO DANG EXCITED!!! Aaron called me yesterday (which was also our 2 1/2 year anniversary)! I hadn't had a call since November 11!! Sure, we've talked on the computer but that's just not the same. So after 2 months, he called me!! And I was on cloud 9 all day long. Hence why I forgot to take my picture. I remembered at one point but then I got caught up doing something else...probably blogging about my phone call...haha

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

King cake, Fresh face and dishes

Once again, I'm behind on the posting of the pictures...I've been taking them but just not posting here I am to catch up 3 days...
DAY 14

This is what was left of the piece of King Cake that I was given by the PK4 teachers. King Cake is a big tradition in New Orleans I guess. I had NEVER heard of it so they gave me a piece. I only ate half of it cuz it was a lot of calories and I didn't want to eat them all...haha

DAY 13

This is a picture I took right out of the shower (I do have a towel on) to post on the thread on MIG for with/without makeup.

DAY 12

this was literally taken at 11:57pm...cuz I had forgotten all day to take a picture. Apparently I need to do some dishes..haha